Developing a Healthy Mindset About Weight Loss

Hey, guys! It’s time for my one-month check in! And while my results might be disappointing to anyone else, I want to talk about keeping a healthy mindset about weight loss.

I started this journey at 241 lbs.

One month later, I’m currently 237 lbs. That’s a 4-pound loss for the whole month of October.

Years ago, I would have thrown in the towel and been so furious at myself that I would eat my feelings and gain it all back in an hour.

But not this time.

Big changes take time. You have to continue to put in the work to see lasting results. Most people who lose a lot of weight quickly end up putting it back on. 

You can buckle down and go to the gym every day and only eat small meals of boring foods, but that doesn’t actually do anything to change your relationship with food or with your body. 

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Focus on small changes like a healthy relationship with food

Last month, I talked about wanting to eat less carbs and cutting back on meat and dairy.

Well, in true Stephanie fashion I turned to my husband one day and announced that I was now a vegan.

He wasn’t really all that surprised (I was vegetarian when I met him). He asked me what kinds of things I’d like to eat and a few questions about why I was doing it and then he proceeded to search for vegan dinner recipes on Pinterest. Pssst….we have a board for that:

I didn’t do it for the animals.

I know everyone has that idea of vegans, shaking fists at the sky and screaming, “animals aren’t food!” And while the meat industry deeply upsets me, that isn’t why I made this decision.

I wanted to develop a healthier mindset about food.

I wanted to stop thinking of food like a treat and start thinking about it as nourishment for my body. “Eat to live, don’t live to eat” kind of thing.

By limiting myself to whole foods – fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts & seeds – it was easier to see it as fuel (even though my meals have also been super tasty).

Notice the small changes

I may not be 10 pounds lighter, but I feel damn good

I feel less bloated, more energetic, and I’m snacking less between meals.

I had homemade pizza with mozzarella cheese one night because I forgot to make cashew mozzarella. The next day, my body got rid of it all. I learned my lesson. 

I feel so much better even though I don’t look very different. 

These are the most important changes – the internal ones. The ones that pave the way for healthy habits that lead to weight loss and better quality of life.

Find a workout that works for you

PiYo is great. It’s a low- impact, full-body workout and it’s only 35 minutes or less a day.

But I just couldn’t keep up with it. And that’s okay. 

My body hurts. I was trying to take it from a sedentary lifestyle to someone who works out 6 days a week and I just can’t. That wasn’t fair of me. My sciatica is making me pay. 

I’m starting small – working out when I make time. I’m walking the dog around the yard (we live on 10 acres – it’s not a small walk). I do PiYo when I make time. I do yoga when I need a good stretch.

But my main focus right now is healing the awful relationship that I have with food. The rest will come later. I’m ready for this all to be a slow process.

Find healthy hobbies

Make a healthy lifestyle fun. Make it a lifestyle, not a chore. Once it’s a chore, you’ll less inclined to want to keep it up. I know from experience.

Amanda and I both started making our own kombucha. I don’t know why that’s so exciting, but it is to us.

I’ve been trying to eat foods that make my gut happy, hoping that it might help me better deal with the symptoms of my depression. There have been studies about the gut-brain connection and how healing your gut and introducing healthy bacteria could help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Kombucha is a great source of probiotics and antioxidants. 

I’ll write a post about it in the future assuming it turns out okay!

I’m also studying up on meditation.

I wrote before about the meditation journal I’ve been going through, Practice You. It’s been an interesting practice at the end of the day. 

It’s been helping to keep me present. To keep me mindful instead of mindlessly stuffing my face with junk or sitting around.

Is my body hungry? Is it hurting? Have I been sitting too long? What would make me happy right now?

I find myself constantly assessing and giving my body what it needs in the moment instead of ignoring it.

So, basically…

Concentrate on full-body health – the small changes that make up the big picture.

Creating healthy habits today promotes better health going forward.

Don’t obsess about a number on the scale because that’s not where the ‘true’ good feelings come from.

What are some healthy changes you’re making in your life? Comment below.

See you next month!

Main Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash